Bethan is fascinated with the impact local British industry has on family lives, and seeks to celebrate people’s employment in these workplaces. Since 2016 she has made ceramic vessels narrating the industrial heritage of Stoke-on-Trent.

Bethan grew up in Macclesfield, Cheshire, home of the Silk Industry. Since 2016 she has lived in Stockport, overlooking the historic Hat Works, where she has recently set up her home studio.

Bethan has received awards from the Manchester Academy of Fine Art as well as the Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool for her ceramic vessels. 


Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

Curriculum Vitae

1994       Born 1994, Nottingham, UK.


2016     BA Hons Three-Dimensional Design, 2nd Class Honours Upper Division. The Manchester School of Art.

Selected Exhibitions

2019     "Heaton's Arts Trail", Stockport.

               "New Makers", Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

2017     "Evidence", Blue Boar House, Oxford.

               Window Display at the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

              "MAFA Spring Exhibition", Stockport Art Gallery, Stockport.

2016     "Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Graduate Award Show", The Holden Gallery,


               "Degree Show", Benzie Building, Manchester School of Art, Manchester.

               "Bradford Pit Project", Manchester Histories Festival at Beswick Library, Manchester.

2015     "Hulme Histories", Brookes Building, Manchester Metropolitan Museum, Manchester.

               "Whitworth Limited Edition", Federation House, Manchester.

2014     "Material Matters", Benzie Building, The Manchester School of Art, Manchester.

               "Souvenirs from Belle Vue", Chethams Library, Manchester & The Co-operative

                       Building, Manchester.

Curatorial Work

2018     "A Room of One's Own" an exhibition by The Travelling Heritage Bureau, assisting

                     Elizabeth Kwant & Jenna C. Ashton. Zellij Arts, The Alexandria Library.

              "Me, Myself  & I: Relocate the Multi-layered Identity"  an exhibition by Fatmeh Takht

                      Keshian, assisting Elizabeth Kwant. Zellij Arts, The Alexandria Library.

              "Tilted Plane", an exhibition by Lesley Halliwell, assisting curator Elizabeth Kwant.         

                       Zellij Arts, The Alexandria Library, Manchester.

2017     "Evidence", Blue Boar House, Oxford.   

               "Fabric of Time, Seas of Space" an exhibition by Lori K. Gordon, assisting curator

                        Elizabeth Kwant. The Alexandria Library, Manchester. 

               "This Cloth: An Archaeology of Identity" an exhibition by Saffina Bhatti, assisting

                        curator Elizabeth Kwant. The Alexandria Library, Manchester.


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